Evgeny Berlin

Evgeny Berlin

About me


my name is Evgeny Berlin. I am a Designer with focus on Transportation and Industrial Design.


During my professional and personal experience I worked on various projects with different focus points and goal. This is the exciting part in the area of Design. Because in each of these projects I utilized and learned new ways of applying Design.

For me it is less a pure visual language of some object, but moreover I way of connecting things together in a sustainable and innovative way for business, product, user and environment. This is a high standard to live up to, nearly an impossible one. But that makes it even more interesting to pursue.


“If you do what you´ve always done, you´ll always get what you´ve always got.”

Henry Ford


Sojuz GK


Lead Designer (Contract)

Designing a tram concept and functional prototype for the city of Barnaul. In the position of lead Designer I had to push forward the exterior and interior and communicate with the engineering team on the decisions made.

Barnaul, Russian Federation

March to August 2023

Dream Drone


Transportation Designer

Being the only designer responsible for the creation of the eVTOL vehicle. I worked closely together with the engineering team but also on the general strategy of the startup.


October to May 2022

Huawei Research Center


Intern Industral Design

At Huawei I was mainly active in the field of B2B products. In that area I was treated like a regular designer. Additional I was pursuing my thesis work for Huawei.

Stockholm, Sweden

August to February 2021

Van Berlo Agency


Intern Industral Design

At VanBerlo I worked on a wide range of different projects ranging form classical industrial desing, to packaging up to UX and UI.

DenHaag, Netherlands

August to February 2020

Skiing Atomic


Intern Industral Design

At Atomic I managing differnt product lines, doing industrial design and looking over the general brand image were daily tasks.

Altenmarkt, Austria

August to February 2019


Master of Arts in Industrial Design


Lund University

Lund, Sweden

June 2024

Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design


Pforzheim University

Pforzheim, Germany

February 2021