Evgeny Berlin

Evgeny Berlin



Atomic skiing



Product Design




My first professional station as an Industrial Designer I carried out in an internship at Atomic skiing. Atomic is a market leader in alpine skiing. I had a great time working in the field of Design, management and business.


Design Management

During my time at Atomic I learned that Design is not only a visual tool used to improve the quality of products or services. In the area of design management it was fundamental to discover that design combines and connects different areas of a company brand and the usage of products. Form different product categories of boots, Nordic equipment, CMF and color palettes everything has to be considered.


Concept work

For the most amount of time I worked on projects coming out in two to three years of time. Nevertheless I also worked on more conceptual tasks like for example a lightweight buckle for alpine shoes.

buckle renders concept

Managment and Design

Atomic Nordic Series

At the final period of my internship I had the responsibility to work on the new Nordic boot design series. This was an especially intensive useful learning outcome. Points to consider for the design were, visual style, cost, user friendliness and most importantly a clear communication with the responsible designers. I really enjoyed working on this project. I was between the edge of challenging and creativeness.




Peter Kuschnigg




Special Thanks



Large support and help from the Atomic Team and especially Peter Kuschnigg, who was my mentor during that time.