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Dream Drone eVTOL is the result of a small startup project which was developed over the duration of nearly one year. In this project I had the honor to create the design of the exterior base form for this vehicle.



DreamDrone is a flying car that is aimed to improve mobility systems especially in rural areas. The idea is to create a vehicle that is suited for all transport scenarios in and outside of larger urban areas. I was responsible for the general design appearance of the vehicle as well as for the communication between design and engineering.Together with a small team of engineers, strategists and other creators we worked remotely on this project.



Dealing with a project as complicated as a flying car, we had to think about the development process before even starting. Setting up efficient technical, design and development processes that interlock is a constant task that we had to approach along the duration of the project.


In order to make the second concept stage of the design model more realistic it is necessary to place and create real size components. This components act as volume boxes to get a rough estimation of the space required to store all technical elements of the vehicle. Through the technical viewpoint of the design we try to create an aerodynamic form. This form is refined and brought through the design process with the constraints of an complex flying object.


Work in Progress

You can´t do anything on yourself. Without our dream team we would have not been able to create this project. It was a really great challenge and a true honor to work together with them and much more. I think especially this project shows what true team effort can create projects with a huge complexity. As much as I learned personally by creating sketches, visualizations and much more, the most enjoyable moments came form moments where I had to work close together with others.

first stage

First concept model


As a result of the early stage of the project we developed a first visual prototype. The goal of this model was mainly to set up a first visual design direction as well as exploring different types of mechanisms to open the wings and fold out the propellers.




Dream Drone team

Jurii Kostenko

Vladislav Vershkov

Special Thanks



The design and the technical mechanisms were only possible, because I worked close together with our engineers. This project was until this moment one of the hardest ones in terms of technical knowledge required. Thank you very much for your support.