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During my time at the Huawei Reasearch Center I had the opportunity to work on a concept electric vehicle for Huawei. The goal was to include an understandable design language and use the technological opportunities of this company.


Project Goal

The idea of this project was not only to create a modern electric car concept for Huawei but in addition connect it with the current B2B strategy of selling their commercial products. Design influences were Cradle to Cradle as well as the Product as service approach. The project can stand as a possible solution for Huawei, as how to present and sell their B2B product and pursue a successful strategy.


Technical Details

Main technologies used in this car should also represent Huaweis main core strength. Mainly the use of digital applications and an approach to custom personalization. The use of the car would be a shared car scenario, where the user would have the possibility to configure his ideal taxi based on his preferences.


Behind the scenes



The challenge for this project was definitely the goal to combine business as well as strategic and design interests in one coherent project. Using different tool from traditional sketching up to VR was an interesting approach to keep the variation of ideas open.

Rear view of the car on a street




Huawei Research Design team

Daniel Manfredsson

Erik Ebberstein

Jens Kalin

Special Thanks



Large and complex projects are never the result of a single persons actions. This one is no exception. Large support and mentorship from Daniel Manfredsson and constant input from the design team made this project successful.