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Evgeny Berlin



Mars Rover



Transportation Design

Concept Design



Science fiction and space is one of my largest inspirations. Therefore working on a concept design for a Mars Rover was a passion project for myself.


Project Goal

The aim of this project was on the one hand to create a futuristic and concept design for the rover. And on the other hand exploring the professionals pipelines including several 3D and 2D tools. Also exploration in VR using Unreal Engine was something I considered.


Technical Details

Working on the itnerior of the rover was very different as the focus in this project also relied on the realistic texturing of all surfaces. Giving them a rough and used look should increase the realism of the whole rover. Utilizing Substance Designer was a core element in this texturing work.


Behind the scenes

mars rover sketch 1
mars rover sketch 2
Process picture of the mars rover 4
Process picture of the mars rover 3



It was for me a great learning insight not only in terms of design, but also in terms of composition and environmental design. Building, redoing and trying again until the desired quality is reached.

Process picture of the mars rover 5




Gleb Alexandrov Lighting Course

Special Thanks



During the time of the project I always tried to refer back to my friends and family for feedback.